Top  FAQs:

How do I sign up?
Singing up is quick and easy. If you are a renter and you want to sign up just click the Rent button at the top of the home page. If you want to post your apartment click the post button.

What's included in my membership?
Becoming part of the rentforward community allows a member to search our exclusive database, as well as post your apartment to earn money.

Who is eligible to become a member?
Anyone can become a member. You either need to be looking to rent an apartment or looking to vacate an apartment. The apartment must be for yourself! You can also be looking for both at the same time.

How do I make money?
Making money with rentforward is simple. All a member has to do is post their apartment online and when it rents, you get paid.

How long does it take to get paid?
A check will be sent as soon as a new tenant is found and begins their lease.

What if I need to extend my lease after I sign the move out agreement?
At rentForward we strive to build a community of responsible renters and posters. It is essential you make sure that you are 100% vacating your apartment before you sign the apartment release form.

Can I post on rentForward if I’m not sure I am moving out?
Please do not post your apartment on rentForward until you are 100% sure you are moving out. Even if you don’t know this until 1 month before the end of your lease please make sure you don’t waste another rentForward members valuable time.

Posting your Apartment

How long does it take to list my apartment?
Just four of five minutes. Once you create an account, rentForward will contact you to schedule a time to take pictures of your apartment and get the rest of the important details about it.

Do I have to sign up on-line?
No, you can call anytime 24 hours a day to list your apartment with one of our trained staff members.

How far in advance can I post my apartment?
rentForward only allows you to post your apartment 8 months in advance.

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement but you must be the person whose name is on the lease of your apartment, or the owner of the apartment.

Is there a maximum amount that I can get paid?
The amount that you get paid depends only on the rental price of your apartment. If it rents, we pay you ½ a month’s rent.

What if I have roommates and I want to use rent forward?
If you have roommates all of your roommates must move out of the apartment in order for you to get paid. Each roommate will have to agree to list the apartment.

What if I am moving out of my room and my roommate is staying?
Rent forward allows you to post only your bedroom or your share of the apartment on rentForward. If rentForward finds someone to rent your room, you will be paid ½ of your share of the rent, not the total monthly rent price.

Renting an Apartment

How do I view an apartment?
All apartments are shown by open house only. If you would like to view there is no need to call, all you have to do is show up at the building at the time displayed on the listing.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?
rentForward does not have every listing in New York just yet. However, new listings do come available frequently. You can set your search criteria and we will notify you by email when something good pops up.

**How far in advance can I rent an apartment?
rentForward will not allow you to post or rent your apartment more than 8 months before your scheduled move in date.

**Do you have any short-term sublets?


What if my credit is not good will rentForward help me find an apartment?
rentForward does not select the tenants, each landlord has their own qualification criteria, but rentForward does help to prepare a member’s application.

How do I apply for an apartment through rentForward?
You apply for an apartment through the website. In your user profile you have the option of applying for an apartment and uploading your documents onto the site.

How much is the application fee to apply?
The application fee is $30.00. This small fee covers the cost to run a member’s credit and background report.

How much is the apartment deposit?
The deposit is a $500 non-refundable deposit if your application is accepted by the landlord.

Is my deposit non-refundable?
The deposit is non-refundable if the advertised rent or a lesser rent is accepted by the landlord.

Why is there a non-refundable deposit?
The deposit is to demonstrate to the landlord that you are 100% interested and committed to renting the apartment.

What happens if I miss an appointment?
Members are allowed to miss only one appointment either for viewing or for showing their apartments. If you miss more than one appointment you will be in violation of the rentForward rules.

Can someone who is not a member rent an apartment that is on your website?
No you must be a member to rent or post an apartment on rentForward.

Do I have to clean my apartment before rentForward shows it?
While we do not require that you clean your apartment, we as well as the other members would appreciate it if they could view the space in its best condition.

Is there any charge to join rentForward?
No there is no charge to post or browse apartments.

How do I get paid once my apartment rents?
Once your apartment rents, rentForward will contact you and notify you that payment is ready. You will be sent a check no more that 45 the new tenant begins their lease.

What if I don’t move out after rentForward re-rented my apartment?
If you don’t move out after rentForward rents your apartment you will be in violation of the rentForward vacating contract, and may be liable to cover any damages the owner or the new renter has incurred.

***Are there any other perks to being a member of rentForward?
Not only do rentForward members get the best deals on the market but you will also have access to deeply discounted moving rates, discounted insurance rates as well as discounts on furniture from select stores.


Do you offer discounts to Landlord who would like to enroll their buildings in rentForward?
Yes we do offer discount to Landlords who wish to enroll their buildings in rentForward.

Why would I sign up for this service if I am a landlord?
rentForward will ensure that all of your apartments are leased before they become vacant. Also, rentForward only charges renters ½ a month’s rent which takes less our of the renter’s pockets and puts makes it easier to the apartment more quickly!